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BoxSys Canada Inc. is a forerunner in the industry specializing in the following areas : Provider of automated and manual reusable plastic container washing and sanitation solutions; logistical management of customers’ assets; health-focused solutions; personal client service; adherence to industry standards; cost-efficient service to clients; development of customized management strategies to suit the client's needs; usage of high-pressure washing equipment that is manually operated; and the minimization of customers' costs through cost-efficient strategies and technologies.
Boxsys Facility front entrance in Mississauga Ontario, Canada
BoxSys is an inspirational story for every young visionary dreaming of transcending the possibilities of the business world.

Our Story

Armed with an unstinted drive and steely determination to make a difference in her career, Ms. Maninder Swaich joined the company as an employee in 1998. Maninder’s vision, passion, dedication, and analytical skills quickly augmented the workings and systems of the business. She acquired the business in 2008 along with her partner, Mr. Harman Swaich, a professional engineer and one of GTA’s most reputable mechanical contractors. He has been instrumental in re-designing and modifying the equipment and space at BoxSys Canada. As a great business team, they have both been able to create a competent, good-standing management group.

The company today is capable of meeting the high-volume needs of small and large corporations in a competent and professional manner. It can readily provide bespoke management strategies that assess clients' needs while minimizing customer costs and offering high quality and value. Putting the customer at the forefront has been the secret to the success story of BoxSys. The company has a stringent focus on health and the environment, and an understanding of the dynamics of the farm-to-fork process has put it at the forefront of the industry.

Our Mission, Vision, and Values

To provide exemplary cleaning and asset management services in a cost-efficient manner. As part of our commitment, BoxSys regularly monitors its efficiency and logistics to safeguard our clients’ interests. To ensure a high level of personal service, all client accounts are managed by the company president directly.

The primary areas of commitment include:

1. World-class sanitation

2. Asset management

3. Analysis & seTup of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

Boxsys has a huge facility for storing and sanitizing thousands and thousands of plastic containers, crates, pallets, and bins
Boxsys employees are detailed and fastidious
Boxsys is a company that values cooperation

Staff Comments

"Coming from Italy, I was ingrained in a professionally service-oriented work culture, and I was anxious about what to expect with my new company in Canada. BoxSys Canada was all that one could ask for and an answer to my prayers; it fit in perfectly. The amazing energy, diversity, respect, and shared values towards a common goal make me excited to come to work every day. A family away from home."


"I will admit I was nervous coming into the job as I had just come from India and was asking myself, "Will I be able to adapt to the work culture and system?" It was a smooth transition, as the inhouse system and its inspiring leadership absorbed me without any hassle. The vision, values, and expectations were clearly outlined, and the camaraderie amongst the staff here is something I cherish and makes me excited to come to work."


"The BoxSys culture is unique, underpinned by care and respect; the environment automatically infuses that core philosophy into every team member. We look out for each other and our clients. For example, I am accessible 24 hours a day to my clients; they can call me anytime. It is about empathy and understanding; we are in an intricate and complex business, and we should be partners with our clients."


"At BoxSys, there is a serious focus on safety and a safe environment for all team members. We are trained to comprehend what the end benefit is to our clients. Stringent safety measures are followed. Besides, there is a genuine concern for individual people's health and well-being. I feel respected and cared for, which drives me to go the extra mile."


"We are family at BoxSys, and I will give credit only to the Caring and Empathetic leadership - the management here is amazing—visionary, innovative, and Compassionate. The culture created makes working here fun. Every team member watches your back, and there is genuine concern like a family member would. We all work towards one goal in a united way."


"You know you are working for a world-class organization when you receive smiles, compliments, and positive feedback from your clients on a regular basis. I work in the shipping and receiving department and interact with people of different cultures and nationalities. BoxSys focuses on stringent client service—the client is king—and we have an environment that encourages growth and spreads smiles."


"The aura created here is stimulating - the progressive environment motivates you to do more at BoxSys. There is a healthy competition within the organization, if you work hard and smart you are recognized and that drives passion and performance. Our talents are given a platform for growth."


"The focus on sustainability and care for the environment is at the core of the BoxSys ethos, and I am proud to be part of this initiative to contribute to making the planet a better place for future generations. This is possible only due to the forward-thinking and idea-oriented working culture that BoxSys radiates - an environment conducive to growth and progress of the organization and the planet."


"There is immense support from the seniors and the management for the young and inexperienced team members. We feel motivated and inspired to give more. I am indebted to everyone here and all the support I have received for helping me grow professionally and personally. It is a happy environment, and I don't know how time flies when you work here."

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