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Boxsys is a leading Canadian company in the reusable plastic container and pallet washing solutions industry.

Our edge:

  • We are ISO compliant, ensuring High Standards of Excellence with a customized and Cutting Edge Quality Management System.

  • We have a patented scientific in-house BOTB model developed by our R & D team.

  • We have a robust Asset Management Program with trackability on a daily basis and a comprehensive audit report provided with terms agreed upon.

  • We ensure protection and control  by focusing on critical components of the supply chain engaging customers in risk assessment flow and outlining SOP’s etc.

  • We provide world class sanitation, ensuring hygiene standards are adhered to in line with regulatory standards.

  • We provide personal and bespoke service to each and every customer. We address concerns and offer solutions based on the need for a modular, user-friendly approach.

  • We have a professionally trained team that goes the extra mile in everything they do, from start to finish. They do it with a smile, and you come first.

  • We have a cost-effective pricing system due to economies of scale, the high volumes we handle, the quality and value for money you spend, a detailed cost analysis and review, weekly invoicing, etc.

  • We follow an environmentally-friendly approach because we believe we are responsible citizens of the planet and we make a difference in people’s lives.

  • We believe we are a healthcare provider, as we ultimately have a direct effect on people’s well-being and peace of mind.

Boxsys Stamp of Assurance

You can feel assured when you work with us that you're taken care of.

Our stamp of assurance is a symbol of our commitment to quality, safety, and value.

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With over 25 years of experience, BoxSys offers a comprehensive range of washing and maintenance services for plastic containers.
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