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Two decades of container cleaning experience.

Boxsys is an industry leader in providing a comprehensive range of cleaning solutions for all types of plastic containers.
Boxsys Plastic Container and crate cleaning and sanitization
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Partner with Boxsys to extend the life of your containers.

Our full range of container cleaning solutions extends the life of your plastic pallets, crates, trays, and tote boxes. Our customized container cleaning services include:
  • Customized label stripping solutions
  • Wealth of industry experience
  • Professionally-trained experts
  • Competitive pricing
  • Environmentally friendly operations
  • State-of-the-art facility
    with high-volume capacity

When you partner with Boxsys for container cleaning services, we become an effective arm of your business.

We partner with companies across a variety of industries, including food, beverage, pharmaceutical, automotive, and retail in order to address the unique sanitization requirements of each client. Contact us today to learn how we protect the longevity of one of your most important assets with our comprehensive container cleaning solutions.
Automated and manual cleaning options for containers and pallets
Analysis and setting Standard Operating Procedures
Label stripping, washing, and sanitization, drying and palletizing containers
Dry containers produced with our automated system for JIT customer requirements
Container inspection to minimize pick and fill interruptions based on colour, type, and breakage
Fully automated facility with high-volume capacity of up to 80,000 units per day
Minimize your container costs on a long-term basis
Buffer inventory for peak demands in our plant
Microbiological testing on site & third-party lab testing

Client Feedback

"Boxsys has been a fantastic solution for our tote cleaning needs here are CGC. Each tote we send them comes back clean as the day they were made. The team over at Boxsys is great to work with as well, Diletta and Roly make scheduling and pick ups easy as can be. If you have totes or pallets that need cleaning, send them to Boxsys, you'll love the results!"

Mike Piovesan
Supervisor, Cannabis Transportation | Canopy Growth Corporation

"As a supplier to the food & beverage industry and someone that has worked in this sector for over 15 years, I understand the importance of validating the cleaning process. Micro swabbing and chemical titrating are pivotal to ensure items are cleaned to the highest standard and I am always impressed with BoxSys' attention to detail in ensuring their process is working properly to meet their customers' needs. Believe me, whenever there is ever a question about improving cleaning, I get a phone call very quickly!"

Chris Chanas
Account Manager, Food & Beverage | Diversey

"I have been dealing with Boxsys Canada for many years now; their service is great, the quality is great--never had an issue."

Andy Hummel
Materials Manager | Autocom Manufacturing

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With over 25 years of experience, BoxSys offers a comprehensive range of washing and maintenance services for plastic containers.
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