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With more than twenty years of expertise in providing environmentally friendly washing solutions for collapsible bins, pails, drums, bulk bins, and pallets, we specialize in providing customized services designed to meet the strict requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.
Cleaning beyond to heal lives

Pharmaceutical Safety

Boxsys provides its professional services to major pharmaceutical manufacturers, distribution centres, medical suppliers, hospitals and clinics, medical equipment suppliers, and retail drug stores. Boxsys offers a wide range of cleaning options to clean containers, pallets, bulk bins, straight wall containers, hinged lid containers, pails, and barrels.
Tailored systems and services for the PHARMACEUTICAL industry

Custom services by product type

Collapsible Bins for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Collapsible Bins

Medical pails for the Pharmaceutical Industry


Plastic and rubber dedical drums for the Pharmaceutical Industry


Plastic bulk bins for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Bulk Bins



Do you require various kinds of containers with unique needs?

Different industries and products use containers with unique sanitization requirements. Boxsys understands the specific needs of the Food industry's crates and containers, but we can help with other industry-specific plastic too.
Boxsys - Container Cleaning for Automotive Industry
Plastic storage components take a lot of damage in this industry. We can help.
Boxsys - Container Cleaning for Beverage Industry
We have decades of experience cleaning for the beverage industry.
Boxsys - Container Cleaning for Food Industry
Experience and equipment to meet the requirements of the food industry.
Boxsys - Container Cleaning for Retail Industry
A variety of containers and components requires a flexible system to manage.

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With over 25 years of experience, BoxSys offers a comprehensive range of washing and maintenance services for plastic containers.
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