What to look for when choosing the right company for cleaning plastic pallets, crates, trays, and totes.

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Boxsys plastic container crate and pallet asset management and inventory in Ontario, Canada

Not all companies that clean plastic pallets are created equal. Here’s how you can find the best option.

It is all about having and choosing the right vendor/partner when it comes to cleaning plastic pallets, crates, totes, and boxes. The wear and tear and blips can put a hole in the company’s pocket if attention is not paid to the minor details of whom you hire and how professional they are in their holistic offerings.

It is imperative to keep the assets safe, clean, and hygienic, extending the life cycle of the product and adding value to the environment. Industries such as healthcare, food distribution, meat processing, etc. are susceptible to the costs that arise from this unassuming industry. There is a way to resolve the problem, and every company can alleviate the stress if they do their homework in the selection process.

We have listed 10 features that should be on your checklist when you partner with a professional cleaning service company like Boxsys.

Credibility & Reference Work

The reputation of the company matters, although it is the holistic process and management that matter. A good start would be to see what work they have done and who their clients are. It guarantees a level of satisfaction.

Professionalism and Reliability

Having faith in an organization takes time. However, you will witness signs of them being true to their word, surpassing expectations on promises made, and making the journey smoother for both parties.

Quality Service Commitment Levels

Attention needs to be paid to the QSCL (Quality Service Commitment Levels) and CI (Continuous Improvement) processes—pro-active vs. reactive. Innovative in-house systems and bespoke offerings form a part of the QSCL in an organization.

Premises and Machines

Premises and in-house infrastructure play an important part in the process. The state-of-the-art infrastructure is an important component in the turnaround times. Location and size help in determining the partner’s capabilities for orders of a certain magnitude.

Employees, Leadership, and Attitude

The energy of the organization is felt through the smiles of the employees and their commitment to the company. A company is known by its employees, who are its true ambassadors. Their attitude is a reflection of leadership and drives the motivation to go the extra mile.

Insurance, Licences, and Confidentiality

A professional organization should have the necessary documents, but it is always advisable to check the details. Confidentiality and MOUs are mandatory as the industry is competitive and margins are low.

Value for Money

In a world where costs are on the rise, it is about finding the right balance between service efficiency, economy, and effectiveness. You have to optimize your ROI without stress or concern.

Process and attention to detail

The devil is in the details, as the old adage goes. The company process and the operational procedures, i.e., attention to detail, need to be scrutinized so as to make sure that your objectives are met.

Environment and Sustainability

Making the world a better and safer place is the need of the hour, and companies that have a commitment to the environment with eco-friendly systems, non-toxic, biodegradable products, and sustainability practices have an edge because hygiene is at the core and better health for the end consumer is the underlining feature of this industry.

Comprehensive Services and Quick Delivery

The vast array of services in the portfolio is an added value for saving costs and time. The delivery service’s turnaround time is another important factor in the selection process.

In Summary

Boxsys meets and surpasses all 10 of the above features with its cutting-edge infrastructure services, its indigenous system model (ISO compliant) and proactive management. Established in 1997, Boxsys offers a comprehensive range of washing, sanitizing and maintenance services for reusable plastic pallets, crates, trays, and tote boxes.

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