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Recycling Program

Boxsys is a Single Source Service and Quality Management System providing solutions to many of our customers, for over thirteen years. Our process is designed to meet rigid quality standards, including inspection, repair and retirement services to our customer's requirements.

We establish a container Maintenance plan with strategic customers that will minimize supply chain costs on a long term basis.

BoxSys is committed to a program of continual training of staff in order to provide continued improvement of the product and systems.

We provide recycle services to many of our customers. We sort and inspect broken and damaged container at our pack end. Once containers are identified they are hold for customer approval. After customer approval we regrind broken container using our in house equipment. Customers are credited for their broken containers.

We regrind HDPE, PE/PP plastics. We also recycle raw plastics.

Container Repairs:

Boxsys offer container repair services to many customers. We repair broken Hinged Lid Containers, which are re used by the customer, therefore extending the life of the container. Our container retirement and recycle credit program offers a cost effective option for our customers, where containers are replace with new lids instead of scraping and replacing with new container.

We also repair various other types of plastic containers, including Bulk Bins and Pallets.

Boxsys is compatible to ISO 9001-2000 standards.

Boxsys is ECO friendly organization.
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