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Company Story

BoxSys was started in 1997 to provide cost effective asset- management and maintenance solutions primarily for plastic re-useable material handling products. BoxSys now operates 1 production facilities with 2 auto-wash machines capable of processing more than 70,000 units daily.

Our aim is to be the industry leader by setting quality, service and logistics standards that allow our customers to contract out their container and pallet maintenance problems.

BoxSys is a Single Source Service and Quality Management System which provides solutions for our customers in procurement of plastic re-useable assets and the asset management and maintenance - including inspection, repair and retirement, as well as the primary capabilities of label stripping, washing, sanitization and drying to service the just-in-time logistics requirements of our customers.

The scope of BoxSys is to provide asset management as well as container and pallet procurement if required, and the container maintenance services of washing, label stripping, sanitation, inspection, sortation, repair and retirement. Our primary markets include the food processing, medical services, retail store and warehouse distribution center, and the automotive manufacturing and logistics service industries.